Warhammer AoS Champions


The official card game from Warhammer AoS Champions


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Warhammer AoS Champions is the official game for the card game by the same name. It lets you enjoy a practically identical experience as you'd get from playing with the real cards. In fact, you can scan your real cards to unlock them in the game.

The gameplay in Warhammer AoS Champions is somewhat more complex than in other card duel games like the well-known Hearthstone. Your objective is to bring your opponent's life points down to zero, and to do this, you'll have to trust your four heroes who, in turn, will let you invoke other creatures and spells.

In this digital version of Warhammer AoS Champions, you start out without any cards at all. If you manage to win the initiation rounds with each one of the game's four factions, then you'll unlock your starter deck. Once you have a deck, you can start playing online.

Warhammer AoS Champions is a really entertaining card duel game that has a relatively complex gameplay, a huge variety of cards, and great graphics.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher